Legal Services in Kane and McHenry Counties, Illinois

Monday, June 7, 2010

Advocacy Services for all in Kane and McHenry Counties

A search for attorneys on the Internet or through one of the bar associations will provide you with a wide selection of law firms available to assist you in the Illinois legal system. However, if you have been hit hard by the current economy you may be concerned about the cost of such services.

The good news is that there are resources to assist low income persons. Two such organizations are "Prairie State Legal Services" and "Administer Justice".

There are also attorneys who will provide a "sliding scale" for services for people who may not meet the poverty guidelines for Pro Bono (free) representation, but are none-the-less struggling financially.

I am one of the volunteer attorneys for Administer Justice in Elgin, Illinois. If you believe you may qualify for waiver of fees contact them and I or one of the other volunteers may be able to help you for a donation of $20.00. If you are struggling but not within the poverty guidelines they can provide you with a list of attorneys who have agreed to discount their rates within sliding scale guidelines. You will of course have to provide proof of your current income and information regarding dependents and living expenses but many of us do want to provide assistance to all people. I am one of those attorneys, and there are others.